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About Alrmal Company

The European Alrmal Company for sales, medical and cosmetic supplies and medical and cosmetic training was established in 2003.

Through perseverance, development and attention to quality, the European Alrmal Company has become one of the leading companies in Europe in the field of contracting and construction, with medical devices equipped with complete equipment and attention in the field of training and retail sales, and the company has achieved Many successes in this field,

Which qualified it to be classified in several areas. In the field of engineering and design works, 

With the equipment and construction of hospitals and medical clinics, as well as the establishment of training courses in the medical and cosmetic fields and the granting of accredited certificates in partnership with accredited international European institutes.

The European Alrmal Company for Contracting and Medical and Technical Equipment, and the establishment of training courses in the medical and cosmetic fields, a company that combines the values of integrity, justice, innovation, quality, continuous development and the spirit of competition, which are the same values that move its compass towards development and diversification of ideas and providing innovative solutions and services to its clients from the public and private sectors on Both.

Then, with proper planning and distinguished work, we were able to establish a strong base for us in the contracting and equipment sector on principles to deviate from and provide technical advice to the client:

High quality work

Commitment to delivery dates and technical specifications.

The company always works to achieve quality that exceeds the expectations of our customers, and it also holds a quality certificate

European sand TÜV-CE

The company is always committed to always supporting and employing distinguished and superior cadres and experts.

During the implementation period, all activities and phases of the project are monitored by the quality control body and compared to the contract specifications, as well as monitoring the activities to ensure their conformity with the schedule prepared for the project.
Some of the work of the European Alrmal company

It was distinguished and won the admiration of customers who benefited from our distinguished work
Equipping a beauty center and a medical clinic in

Al Rajhi Hospital Saudi Arabia
Equipping and training Riviera Laser Center Switzerland

Depilación con Laser Malaga Equipping and training a beauty center in Spain
Laser Niel ParisEquipment of a beauty center and a laser in Paris
Center Laser Médical Bourgogne – épilation Equipment and training of the medical and laser center France Digue
Clinica Laser Milano Equipment and training of a laser center in Milan, Italy
ONE Institut Equipping and training the Laser One Center, Germany, Berlin
Laser Klinik v Equipment and training of the laser medical center Denmark Copenhagen

Step Up Skin Laser Equipment & Training Step Up Laser USA

MD Laser CenterEquipment and training of a medical laser center France Strasbourg

Laser médico aesthetic center Equipment and training laser center Belgium Brussels

Center Marceau Paris Equipment and training of a laser center, Paris, France

Equipping Diamand Greece Hospital and Clinic

Equipping Cairo Cosmo Center, Cairo, Egypt

Equipping the General Medical Complex in Heidelberg, Germany

Equipping and Training Tulane Center, Istanbul, Turkey

Equipping and training Rafif Clinic, Baghdad, Iraq

Equipment and training of the clinic of Dr. Abdul-Hussein, Basra, Iraq

Equipping and training Dr. Ibtisam’s clinic in Basra, Iraq

Equipping and training the Heidelberg Therapeutic Hospital, Germany

France Mulhouse Hospital pediatrico de mulhouse Hospital equipment and training

• France Paris Hospital Center Specialized LesMure Equipping a hospital

• LIS Wörth am Rhein Equipment, training and construction of the LIS Clinic for Aesthetic Medicine, Germany

Equipping and training of Rafal Medical Center Copenhagen, Denmark

Equipping laboratories for medical laboratories in Brussels, Belgium

120 governmental and private institutions were prepared during a period of 6 consecutive months, and this is considered an achievement, and a medal of thanks was obtained

Appreciation from Frankfurt, Germany

The company’s headquarters is in Würth am Rhein – Germany

Our branches around the world

Cairo, Egypt, Sweden, Ketenberg, Sweden, Stockholm, France, Strasbourg, Erbil, Iraq, Baghdad, Iraq

European Alrmal Company – in cooperation with Konsultink Kottenberk Sweden – LIS Training Institute Germany

Equipping and training the Moderna Complex, Turkey

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