Alexandrite laser

Alexandrite, lasers are often used to remove tattoos and pigmentation disorders. But the main field of application of the Alexandrite laser is permanent hair removal. A wavelength of 755 NM is used here. The color pigments in the hair roots absorb the concentrated light emitted.

For which hair type is the laser suitable?
In order to achieve the best possible result, the  laser is used on people with particularly long and thick hair. According to scientific knowledge, the Alexandrite laser has achieved the best results with this type of hair.

How many treatments does it take to be “hair free”?
The laser is used especially for thick, dark hair. Depending on the amount of hair, you should expect at least 9 to 12 regular sessions before the protein molecules stop producing nutrients. It is also important that the sessions are carried out without a long delay, otherwise the protein molecules will be stimulated to regenerate.

What are the risks of the treatment?
There is hardly any risk in the treatment. There are no long-term health effects if the alexandrite laser is used properly. Depending on the intensity of the hair, slight reddening or irritation of the skin may occur during the treatment, but this will disappear again after a short time.

Wie funktioniert die Technik mit dem

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