Belotero Filler

Belotero Filler Modern hyaluronic fillers are all synthetically produced these days – i.e. from non-animal tissue. Therefore, our Belotero® hyaluron fillers are also suitable for people with a vegan lifestyle. In aesthetic medicine, injectable, cross-linked hyaluron gels (e.g. Belotero® Lips, Belotero® Soft, Belotero® Balance,

Belotero® Intense and Belotero® Volume) and injectable hyaluronic acids for extensive skin rejuvenation such as Belotero® Revive have proven themselves. Thanks to their complex manufacturing process, they are particularly well tolerated and adapt to the natural skin structures in the best possible way – for fresh and natural results.

The cross-linked Hyaluron containing Belotero® gels are suitable as dermal fillers to correct the following skin problems:

superficial wrinkles
medium to deep wrinkles, for example wrinkles on the forehead or wrinkles around the nose and mouth
low lip volume
lip asymmetries
Contour and volume weak chin areas, cheeks and cheekbones
The innovative beauty booster Belotero® Revive combines Hyaluronic acid with glycerin and ensures youthful shine, suppleness and an ideal supply of moisture to the skin. Your skin appears young, flawless and “selfie-ready” at all times.

Belotero hyaluron filler products
There is now an almost unmanageable number of hyaluron fillers on the market. They all promise an effective, well-tolerated and natural aesthetic treatment that will immediately make you look years younger. Yet few of these products have adequate scientific studies and documentation to confirm safety and effectiveness.

Not so with Belotero®, the innovative Hyaluronic filler range from Merz Aesthetics. Hyaluron is the basis of all Belotero® fillers, which are very similar in composition to the body’s own Hyaluronic acid and were specifically developed for different skin layers and areas. Depending on what you want and need,

the products in the Belotero


Belotero product family can replenish facial volume, even out deep wrinkles, reduce fine lines, improve facial contours, shape naturally beautiful lips and restore youthful radiance and moisture to the skin. The effect of the Hyaluronic fillers has been proven in numerous studies – convince yourself of the success of a treatment with our dermal fillers in the field reports.

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